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7 Things We Learned From Donald Trumps Personal Finance Disclosure Form

Donald Trump has filed a new personal financial disclosure form with the Federal Election Commission, a federally mandated document that shows a candidate's personal assets, business positions and annual income.

The 104-page document lists a whopping 527 current job titles for the real estate mogul -- mostly leadership roles in his spread of companies -- as well as millions of dollars in investments and assets.

This annual report is required of all candidates running for president. Trump has declined to release his tax returns despite pressure from both sides of the aisle to do so, citing an ongoing audit. Trump has said he will release his returns once the audit is complete.

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Consumer Groups Urge FCC to Investigate Zero-Rating

zero ratingHaving recently won a landmark victory in upholding the Federal Communications Commission's authority over establishing and enforcing Net Neutrality regulations, it really wouldn't surprise me if FCC chairman Tom Wheeler was hesitant to continue pushing his luck, particularly when it comes to investigating the popular zero-rating trend.

But consumer groups continue to urge the Commission to bring the current regulations to bear on this controversial practice, given that it masks all of the evils Net Neutrality was designed to combat, but in an seemingly consumer-friendly package.

The argument is, of course, that despite the fact that zero-rating offers certain streaming video services at no data cost, that these sorts of practices offer broadband providers a great deal of power of subscribers' online activity, allowing them to direct users towards certain favoured services, giving carriers leave to throttle or otherwise ACN manage data streams, and ostensibly allowing them to block (or at least render completely irrelevant) services unwilling to participate. So will an investigation finally begin?

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British Police Tests Software That Tries to Predict Future Crimes

"Minority Report" just got a step closer to becoming reality in Britain.

A new investigative tool has been tested by London's Metropolitan Police this week to assess the likelihood of gang members committing crimes in the future.

Developed by technology firm Accenture, the software merges data from various crime reports with criminal intelligence systems and applies predictive analytic information to generate risk scores.

UK Police Charge 5 Over Alleged London Terror Plot

WATCH: London Bobbies Get a Third Eye, But Still No Gun

A more common example of predictive analytics is credit scoring. It's a statistical tool that predicts the future by using data from the past.

Ger Daly, senior managing director for Accenture's Defense and Public Safety, told ABC News that the focus of the program is "to look at a select groups [and] gangs," rather than specific individuals.

"We used data from 2009 to 2012 to predict what would happen in 2013. We will compare the results to real figures and tweak the algorithm accordingly," Daly added.

The software can be applied to other crimes by simply changing the algorithm.

"We could look into burglary or domestic violence for example," said Daly.

The company has developed similar projects in other countries. In Singapore, for example, Accenture worked on a CCTV tools that detects patterns and events such as overcrowding or flooding.

British police are now evaluating Accenture's program findings.

"Our objective is to stop gang shootings in London and bring those responsible for crime to justice," said Sarah Samee, a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police Specialist Crime and Operations.

In 2012, gangs were responsible for approximately 22 percent of serious violence, 17 percent of robberies, 50 percent of shooting incidents and 14 percent of rape in London, according to Metropolitan Police figures.

"We're always keen to use technology, but it's too early to say whether this software will help us in our broader strategy," Samee added.

The police's Digital Policing team and Trident Gang Crime Command will likely decide in the coming weeks whether to use the software or not.

Several civil liberty advocates, however, are worried about potential privacy infringements.

One of them is Daniel Nesbitt, research director at Big Brother Watch.

"Police should be careful not to target or stigmatize people unfairly. It could make it harder for them to connect with those they are trying to catch," he said.

While police have made more efforts to engage with the public on their tactics, Big Brother Watch believes they need to be transparent about the technology and information used.

In the U.K., the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1984 was created to strike the right balance between police powers and rights and freedoms of the public. An ACN Accenture spokesman told ABC News he believed it was the government's role to draw a line and insisted their software "operates within the rules of the law".

"Ultimately, there's the police on one side, the politicians on one side, and the people being protected on the other," said Daly. "A dialogue between them is needed."


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Invisalign Alternatives - 4 Cheaper Clear Braces

Do you like many love the aesthetic benefits that Invisalign has to offer with invisible braces, however are a little turned off by its price and so are now (rather understandably) on the look out for a cheaper Invisalign alternative?

Well, you have reached the right place. Below, we will explore four cheaper brands that essentially offer you the same cosmetic appeal of a 'clear', see through brace so no one will notice them -- yet comes at a price much cheaper than the average $5000 cost of Invisalign.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?Credit: Wikimedia Commons | Author: Smikey IoImportant Note: although these

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Natural Acne Cures - Home Remedies For Pimples

Let's have a look at some quick facts about acne, and the different natural cure options available today.

What is Acne?

Acne is a skin disease characterized by the formation of pimples. It occurs primarily during adolescence or teenage years, however, adults are also seen to develop acne. These pimples are seen on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, and even on the back.

What causes Acne?

When the pores in the skin get clogged with sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria, the skin gets inflamed and develops pink nodules or pimples. Often fried foods and chocolates are blamed for the eruption of acne, however, there is no evidence to prove diet has any effect on the e

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Creative Real Estate Investing

The general detail on the interior of flip are as follows: four bed rooms; 2 1/2 bath; two tale residence (no cellar); 2 cars and truck garage; surrounded backyard; fireplace; lower degree has hardwood floorings and also floor tile; and the upstairs level (where all the rooms are) is carpeting.

Do research your community, and learn more about it well. By examining the neighborhood very closely, you could determine just what remodellings make good economic feeling, and also which ones would certainly be too much, and also unneeded in this market. The home has to blend well with the community, or the worth will be lowered.

The majority of novices don't have the tiniest bit of understanding in any type of area of real estate. It is very important that you recognize exactly what processes are associated with house flipping, from beginning to end. Initially, you need to utilize a real estate representative to assist you via your very first couple of turns to make sure that you can learn concerning the actions involved. Furthermore, you should stay updated on the problems of the housing market.

5) He who mentions dollar quantities very first loses. It's a known truth. The initial guideline of settlement is to await the various other individual to name a cost. List every one of the products on the rehab punch checklist Wholesale Real Estate during the counteroffer phase, as working out power.

# 3. Impressions Are One of the most Crucial: Spend the dough on the landscaping and outside of the front of the house. I have actually seen more residences offered and much more houses fallen in love with (see regulation # 1) from a terrific impression compared to other single thing. Tidy and shiny door knobs, door knockers, train lights and address numbers will contribute to the perception. If it does not include cosmetically to the house, get rid of it.

Much like any kind of other service, Yancey Events includes buying houses low, after that selling high. Considering that transactions in real http://klarityc.tumblr.com/post/155703131439 estate could obtain complicated, the real estate investing business is misinterpreted. And also of program, some house flipping spreadsheet have not been truthful, hence ended up in trouble.

Property capitalists could have 2 alternatives for purchasing house flipping spreadsheet. Initially, they could plan to live in your house so their households would not have to spend for significant leasings. Second, they could be acquiring residences today with the clear intention of marketing those in the future. Naturally, selling the home would create revenue due to the fact that the asking price would certainly be much greater than the acquiring cost.

There are lots of options for acquiring Massachusetts foreclosures and to conserve cash in the procedure. One care is essential, though. Purchasers should not anticipate impractical financial savings. Some residences may without a doubt be half of their initial market price however those in the best communities as well as in the finest problem may only be 25 percent below regular asking price. Nevertheless, purchasing a house now could offer the best savings in decades.

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Flipping Houses - The Best Ways To Find Buyers

So perhaps you should fail to remember concerning locating that real estate bargain that you're going house flipping repair cost spreadsheet to make your ton of money on and instead seek a residential or commercial property in a good address that you could present a lot far better when it involves turning. Cost is mosting likely to come right into it, naturally, yet what happens if you pay market price for a property that you can then sell on for a lot more than the marketplace worth? Just how about that for a principle?

This is where a lot of individuals get stressed out prior to they ever before get going. In the recommendation business, you are finding out the basics of "how to flip a home", you are not in fact flipping houses. Consequently you ought to not be functioning as tough as someone who actually is Yancey Events.

Many Advantages Of Fix And Flip Calculator

Review flipping houses spreadsheet to make flipping properties more cost-effective. Together with the house rehab spreadsheet real estate investing is undoubtedly made hassle-free.

Given that there is no official code of principles for house flipping spread sheet, it's up to each of us to determine just how we'll act toward customers, occupants, vendors, workers etc. Rather than utilizing as a step, "what can I get away with?", or "what allows me to sleep during the night?", possibly the appropriate question is, "exactly what's FAIR?". Make the effort to assume concerning your activities and how they influence individuals that you come into contact with.

Residential property financiers might have two options for buying residences. First, they might plan to live in your house so their house flipping spreadsheet would certainly not have to invest for hefty services. Second, they can be acquiring homes today with the clear intention of offering those in the future. Naturally, marketing the property would certainly create earnings since the asking price would certainly be a lot greater than the purchasing price.

You should also establish the high qualities and the characteristics of very popular residences. Figure out just what makes them appealing to the eyes of residence buyers so you'll understand how you can "package" the investment residential or commercial properties that you want to turn to match the preferences of your prospective clients.

Do venture out the pen as well as paper, and start composing down all the elements of your strategy for this residence. You are buying this house as a company job, you require to thoroughly intend each step of the task. What products you will certainly have to complete, your timeline for each and every thing, as well as the target date for having the home ready to buy.